A very interesting question

Hey i got a question:

So…abomination goo…

We saw it used as a source of fuel for machines in Clouds on the horizon…
So does that imply that abomination goo is combustible…

And (this is a made up scenario) what if i put that in a bottle, stuff the bottle’s mouth with a cloth, light said cloth on fire and chuck it at someone (for the sake of argument lets say…odalia) would that work as a molotov cocktail and torch that someone or would it cover them in goo?


Oml if that torches her that would make half of the Odalia haters so happy

So Molotov cocktails work by having more than 100 proof alcohol or some other flammable liquid and having the liquid splash over the target and ignite it. Given the viscosity of the abomination goo, I don’t think that it’s very splashable, but I digress. It could act as a kind of non-newtonian liquid and become as hard as a rock when you throw it at something, but then ooze down the target and ignite. Another thing that might be a parallel is something called napalm/greek fire that sticks to the target and burns very hot, so it could be something similar to that. I would love to see Odalia taking the brunt of the fire though.

TLDR; I don’t think it would work but it could be the same as napalm

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That’s a question for Alador and Darius.


(filler of 20 bc ya know)

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