About songs... And I feel like I have depression

What is you most relatable song what you have ever heard?
Mine are like “Blurry faces and I care what people think” (I forgot the name), People you know (Made by Selena Gomez), Everything I wanted (Made by Billie Eilish), (forgot the name but the lyrics is like: ) “Fake faces hiding every where” when I remmeber their name I put them in this post.

Here have Blight fanart


yes I heard Relleno xd and i set uswaly

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Smile, smile , smile!!!


Some that I listen to while crying in my room are:
Freaks surf curse
two birds
another love
happier than ever

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The most relatable song for me is called Choke. The band name is rather long though. And the most comforting song I had this year was definitely You will be ok by Sam Haft A.K.A. Stolas Goetia

Um one called My R and Everyone is Dumb and many others :smiling_face_with_tear: