Add your oc! (Fillfillfill)

Sorry! Sorry sorry sorryyyy! I didn’t see that someone had already selected that space

mi oc se ve mas borreoso :(( es la c2 oof

No es q alguien ya se hubiera robado ese espacio sino q solo se puede hacer uno por persona y ya hiciste uno


what did you search??

I just searched like ‘expression chart drawing’ and it was like the fifth pic that came up :person_shrugging:

I did 3f

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Im sorry, but that one is not in use becasue someone did two. (You cant do two so other people have a chance) Is there any way you can transfer it to the one thats on the actual post

mine is so blurry now :sob:

same :cry: mine is c2


Use this one (there are two ocs of the same person in the one you used)


Yes, thank you

Is E3 taken?

Its supposed to be but no one has put their darwing as it yet. Go ahead

my oc is blurry :(((( is c3

im gonna use 5A

But you can only do one and you’ve already done one so…

imma delete the other one

Which one did you do. I have to delete it from tbe picture now