Again new oc art!

Let me explain~

So she ISN’T possessed, she got a sickness from her mother and the “curse” starts to show when the person turns 14. And so in her previous school her curse killed half of the students, because she didn’t know how to control her curse. She has traces from the curse when it starts to show (like hunter has now) and it’s the reason, why she is covered in long clothes. And one of her classmates (Whinnie’s other oc :face_holding_back_tears: ) did very deep scars on her hand (I forgot which one :sob: ) she was happy, that he didn’t notice the curse. The curse starts acting up on midnight, so usually she is locked in her room so she couldn’t harm anyone :clap: and yes after the first “move” of the curse, The recipient of the curse changes their eye color.

(Yes this is one part of the backstory of my character)

Btw the base:

This art failed :skull:

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It looks amazing! That’s really cool!
Also I’m already on episode 9 and I no longer like Jake

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Thank you <:
Do you have your own oc?

He is my favourite, cuz he has trauma and he is just like me A MESS >:)

I’ve thought about making one. I’ve made up a back story already. Though I don’t have much of a look picked out

Should we do this like, in private chatt XD

Probably :sweat_smile:
(filler of 20)