Alright i admit the saiyan needs help

Which set of languages are more important?

-Russian, latin, Japanese.
-Russian, latin, Chinese.
-french,chinese, Spanish.
Yes yes i keep asking ik im a dumbass

I don’t exactly know but I know that French, Spanish, and Chinese are some of the top five most spoken languages if I’m not mistaken. I hope this helps a little

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i agree with @Waterpaw , those languages are the most spoken so might be important as well

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It has to be these ones, rn I know English, some french and Spanish and I should lear Chinese bc of some family stuff so to me they are the most useful (also in life)

Just my opinion

French and Chinese are very important ( and spanish or course too)

I think the las one, Chinese is the most spoken lamguage, Spanish the forth, and frebch the tenth