Chaotic Adventures 1 (D&D)

Sp guys today while I was playing D&D with my friends, you wouldn’t believe the kinds of chaotic stuff that had happened. So first we walk into a tavern & while we were waiting, one of my friends goes & tries to steal a knights sword. Of course, he gets caught & gives back the sword. But that wasn’t the end of the chaos. The others were literally harassing the same knight for his sword. Eventually we all went outside where it was “less chaotic”. But of course the chaos didn’t end there. When we were ordering drinks, everyone but me gets liquor, & some chaotic amounts too. One of my friends gets 1 bottle, then someone else gets like 3 or 8 bottles of the same kind. But the most chaotic amount I’ve probably seen one of my friends get was 13 bottles of liquor (Now that is what I call a chaotic amount of drinks). But the last chaotic thing that happened is when the SAME PERSON goes & STEALS the same knights sword. And yes, this time he was actually successful in stealing the sword. How he did it was he first “poisoned” some liquor (Not actually but he did make the liquor much stronger). He then gave it to the knight as to “say sorry” for earlier & then the knight gets drunk & my friend gets away with the sword. So guys I do hoped that you enjoyed that very chaotic adventure. So untill next time guys, Astrid out.