Currently waiting for s3 👀

I just finished re-watching the series yesterday, I can’t wait for s3

But at the same time I don’t really want to watch it because I know that’s going to be the end of The Owl House, and it’s probably gonna get really sad

But if anything happens to Flapjack - I will probably never recover from that lol


Yes me too :smiling_face_with_tear: (it doesn’t let me write less than 20 words)


ikr, srsly i’m dying i need season three and then :sparkles:l​:sparkles:u​:sparkles:m​:sparkles:i​:sparkles:t​:sparkles:y​:sparkles:

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Im waiting for Lumity moments


SAme!¡ LITTERLY​:rat::rat::rat::moyai::moyai::rat::horse_racing::horse:

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I think it’s going live soon at (Hope this helps)

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Ty^^ sry for the late reply lol

Your Welcome @xPeanutButterx !