Eda theory (made by me)

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Look closely the pictures:

I have theory, that Eda is Evelyn. Because they have too much in common. Like their names, Eda’s real name is Edalyn and Evelyn. And they both have ghe weird cursestone looking things on their breast. And their hair… And in season 1 Belos wants to capture Eda, right? But if he had another reason to capture her and then made her a statue. If Eda is Evalyn??? If Belos thought/knows that Eda is Evalyn and he wants to kill them both, because they “took” his brother away from him. And I know, He wanted capture the owl lady for her curse and “dangerousness”, but if his third reason is that Eda is too much like Evalyn OR is her. And Eda and Eva(I’m now calling her that) are both from the palismen of engravers theorically, because when Belos/Hunter destroyed Flap he said “Good bye Evalyn”. Because I belive that in boiling isles u can change ur name :woman_shrugging: And the both characters are just so same. And both of them were portal door’s owners and travelled between human realm and Demon realm. And in the haunted hayride, the old witch (probably meant to be Eva) looked similar to her. When Eda found the portal door, it was buried close to Eda’s childhood home. And if I don’t remember right you have rights to correct me, but wasn’t the portal door buried close to arched door like the one in the graveyard?

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Let’s say your theory has a few holes to fill in.
If you say that Eda is Evelyn there would be a big time difference.
Eda is about 40 years old or older, the story of Phillip and Caleb is set in the Middle Ages, so I don’t think Eda is still alive by then, it would be more likely that Eda and Evelyn had a family connection.
It could be a distant relative of descent and for which is the reason for their similarity in appearance. Also if the theory that Evelyn is related to Eda, we are talking about Hunter being much older than Eda xdd. I read several theories about eda and evelyn and I came across one that says that Edalyn is a reincarnation of Evelyn. they are only theories


While I re-readed my theory I relized that too​:rofl::rofl:

20 characters

1: La primera imagen es un fanmade.

2: Tambien se me ocurrio… pero, para empezar, Edalyn ya no tiene brazo derecho.

Dialoge con algunos conocidos (solo era @Pacata :upside_down_face:) sobre esa posibilidad, y me dijo q no le parecía.
Para serte honesto, mas considero que Evelyn sea antepasada de Edalyn; a que Evelyn sea Edalyn.

Resulta mas rebuscado que Edalyn haya viajado en el tiempo. Ademas, por ultimo, ¿Porque lo haria?

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If Eda is Evalyn then how do we see her as a child wanting to join the emperor’s coven? While there are quite a few parallels between the two, I think it’s just a case of how Belos might see too much of Evalyn in Eda.

Honestly, good theory though. If it wasn’t for the Eda backstory episode it would have a good amount of truth in it

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