Guys write your theories down here please :)

I’m trying to make a theory and I rlly want to know yours!

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(The theory is made before season 3)

When Hunter is with Willow, you can tell he has crush on willow, but we’ve never seen any of Willow’s interest in Hunter. I wondered one night what Willow really thinks about Hunter. As the Hexsquad and Camilla search for Hunter and Luz YOU CAN hear Willow yell “Hunter!” and when Hunter/belos/belter is lifted out of the water Willow says “Be careful with him” and secondly at the end of the season we can see a little connection between the two, for example at the end of season 2 Willow was the only one who helped Hunter move when he was under the Day of Unity spell (It looked painful :sweat_smile:). Does Willow care about Hunter the same way Hunter cares about Willow, or is the feeling just one-sided? I’m also starting to think that the sexuality of most of the characters in the owl house has been told, but Hunter’s sexuality has not been revealed, I’m just wondering if it will be never revealed… And so by recent I meant that I haven’t found any information related to his sexuality. I think he is Bi or Staight :thinking:


Woah good one! I’m writing about Watching and dreaming theory! But it’s more like th story board

At the end of season 3 episode 3 I feel like Luz is going to wake up at camp and realize it was all a dream.

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Or this-

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Hunter wants to kill himself I had a more to say but its not working out I also just think he does cause as a fellow wishing to die person I see it and he did kill himself in s3 ep1

Do you WANT me to have a breakdown!? :sob:

I don’t think so because he isn’t su!c!dal, I think it was to prevent belos from getting the titan blood

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Que paciencia hacer teorias. No tengo tiempi ni ganas ahora xd. Aunque ver a los otros decir cada conjetura me da risa xd.