Help.. idk what this is

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I don’t know how to react to this… I am confused…

So am i. Also who the heck is the girl on the right?

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That’s not a girl they are nonbinary and their name is Melodii. They are from this rhythm game called Scratchin Melodii and it’s like those games you play on PC were you play music by touching keys on the keyboard I guess… Don’t worry I thought they were a girl too but it’s alright. They go by any pronouns.

My friend sent this image to me because I posted a YouTube video about them but I didn’t say I shipped them. All I said was that I had a weird dream about them as a couple. I was probably thinking of lumity…

Speaking of Lumity. In the dream Luz and Amity was Melodii parents… idk why… but it was funny tho. And interesting… the Collector had a last name in the dream but I forgot what it was… And Philip was playing an instrument in the background. And King was wearing a fedora and a reddish pink bow tie…

I’m still trying to figure out what this ship is supposed to symbolise…

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Ummm… What did I just see?

Wdym? In my dream or reality…

Edit: I had a weird dream about it one time…

so am i , i am confused this ship of the collector x melodii, more this is estrange for me. (It is just my opinion)

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It’s strange for me as well. I am trying to figure out what it’s supposed to symbolize or something.

Hold up is that…Mabel??

Oh I thought that was Mabel :sweat_smile:



And I’m out of likes :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Idk this was my reaction when I first saw it.

Oh… :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:
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Yeahhh… I don’t get the point of limiting likes. I’d understand limiting replies but limiting likes just doesn’t make sense

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Mable would probably force the collector to like her. And the Collector would probably hurt her. Idk about Melodii tho I don’t play that game. Ik the Collector and Melodii have the same personality types ENFP

Yeah it’s weird. Probably so people won’t cheat

i don’t think mable would like the collector much honestly

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Yeah. I don’t think she would like the Collector because he is probably younger… well I don’t think the Collector ages. And Mable probably wouldn’t like them because the Collector is nonbinary and male… I forgot the word.