Huntlow headcanons! XD

  • hunter loves to draw, so he and willow will draw together in their free time when they’re not training

  • sometimes he’ll draw him and willow kissing/going out on dates in his sketchbook and hide it from willow, but she secretly looks at the art and loves him more for it

  • in flyer derby, hunter is always in the frontlines because he gets too distracted as goalie, (mostly because he’s too busy looking at his awesomely strong girlfriend)

  • willow will pick hunter up bridal style and tuck him into bed when he stays up all night working on a project and falls asleep on his desk

  • hunter and willow can’t cook anything at all without burning down the house, so they either get takeout or ask amity to make something for them

  • the first person to make a move was actually willow, she took hunter aside after practice and asked him out, (he said yes ofc and they had their first kiss!!! XD)

  • willow was also the first one to ask hunter out on a date, which darius had to prepare him for as his choice of outfit was a ugly vest with sweatpants and wilted roses that he wanted to give to willow, (luckily he did not go out like that and instead he wore a beige button-up with a yellow sweater vest on top and blue baggy jeans!! also raine helped him make potion flowers for willow to use for her plants!!)

lmao thats it!! : 3 XD


Yes huntlow is canon