I made Gus fanart

His hair looks Goofy :sob:
( The pic is about him seeing Hunter’s cosplay )
The drawing is requested by: @KITTY9003
or @Lumity1 I forgot which one
And btw I had to change my pen :sob:


what is this Processing: 20230102_190318.jpg…

Why is it processing?

Ok, now I can see it

Ah yes. The reaction is perfect. Ofc as usual the drawing is amazing

Very cool (:

it’s very wow i haven’t ansers

Thank youu :joy: :heartpulse:


What will you do when you have made fanarts of all the TOH characters? PS: you are the best at drawing

They probably have like 150 (more probably) characters what I could draw : D

Let’s hope they don’t end and you can continue making your art



This is awesome! Just- WOW

Soon enough people will be drawing the newly hatched palismen! I’m so excited to see it!!

Tag me in it when you draw it, I wanna see it :smiley:

I’m not an artist :sweat_smile:
I suck at drawing. Musical arts are more my thing

Then :sparkles: music draw :sparkles: it
(Don’t ask, I don’t :duck:ing know :skull: )

I would say I would make a song about it once it happens but I’m more of a cover person :smiling_face_with_tear:

Me too!

What is your band’s name?