I made king art!

I just made this on a really good online art thing called Kleki:
2024_02_16_0o7_Kleki (1)
but I’ll probably add legs :wink:


welcome to penstagram!! im james. i hope you enjoy your stay :'D

also nice art

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Nice art! Kleki’s great, I used to use it before I got Procreate
And welcome to Penstagram! I’m Waterpaw or Water and I hope you enjoy your time here!

Oww, is so cutee, nice art
And welcome to penstagram!!

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welcome to penstagraam!!
I love your art, is so cute


Also welcome to pensta :smirk_cat:

Welcpme to pensta, im goop. I love that you made king in your own style but also made him look like hes still in the show! :] you should check out the Dump Art Here topic :+1:

Very nice drawing I like your art style
Also welcome to pensta!

Welcome to Penstagram!

I love how you drew It, it’s so cute :sob::purple_heart::purple_heart:

Welcome to penstagram
The drawing its so cutee

Welcome to penstagram!!! And, your Drawing is awesome

WELCOME!!! (Cool art btw)