I need friends pls

Hi I’m lonely and need friends.


just decomposing in my room


I shall be your friend!

I Need Friends Too

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I can be your friend :3

sure, we can be lonely together

Oks So we’re friends?

I can also be your friend!

thx. tell me about yourselves some more

Ok, okay, let’s talk privately? Or how do you prefer? unu

Ok, I’m from Peru and I speak Spanish :pensive: I’m talking to you from a translator but I’m studying English :sparkles:

we can talk openly if thats fine with you

It’s alright for me :+1::3

great! and i hope you that soon we can talk without a translator!

I’ll make the message.

:sob: Yes and what things do you like to do, do you have a hobby?


hi and me too :3

i like listening to lofi and cavetown, i live in america and speak english, and i never know what to say or when to say something and cant comfort someone to save my life.

Oh well I like to listen to music, draw, read or do crafts outside of penstagram I am shy, clumsy, and absent-minded °^°