Im alive and i need tea


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well ok
could you help me find out?

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It was a twig :cowboy_hat_face::pinched_fingers:

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Oh boy, where do I begin? So, to start, I have like a million mommy issues that I like to call :sparkles:mama drama​:sparkles:
To sum it up, I haven’t had my phone for 11 months- almost coming on a one year anniversary!! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: now, it’s a long story, so I’ll compress it as much as I can but BUCKLE UP

Last Halloween, me and my friend wanted to go as Luz and Amity (I would’ve been Amity, and yes, we are just friends) and we had been planning for months which characters, season or scene we dress as. I knew my mom wasn’t exactly an LGBTQ ally, so I was pretty vague about the characters.

She ended up looking them up and saw that Amity’s a lesbian. She bought me the outfit I had sent her anyway, but had this irritating long talk with me, eventually deciding to let me wear it. The next day when I got home from school, however, she had taken the outfit back.

Not wanting to have another talk, I started giving her the silent treatment, but she talked to me anyway. As it turns out, she got a ‘sign form God’ that I wasn’t supposed to wear it (I am a Christian but that’s just bs). Apparently a Halloween costume was gonna make me question my identity (even though I’d known I was pan for- like- ever).

So, my school does this Trunk-or-Treat thing that’s basically pre-Halloween. Me and my friend were gonna wear the costumes there first, but obviously not anymore! So, trying to find a way to coordinate our outfits, literally like 1-2 hours before Trunk-or-Treat, I go with an otter.

I couldn’t find a onesie or actual outfit, so I just threw some things together and made it work. My mom, after we had gotten to “pre-Halloween” and had been there for a while, noticed my phone slipping out of my pocket. She demanded it basically, even though my friend offered to put it in one of their very large pockets.

Anyway, after this was over, she still didn’t give my phone back, and I ended up sad-sleeping through Halloween🤭. Eventually, my parents (divorced) sat me down and had this long talk about being gay and how my friend was a bad influence on me (???) and I got sensory overload and shut down.

I eventually went to therapy/counseling, but didn’t even have enough sessions to get to the stuff that helped (I think we only had like 3-4). This is because my mom came into a session and started spilling a bunch of things I hadn’t told this lady yet.

The therapist asked if I was comfortable talking with my mom in the room like this and my mom took that as disrespect to her. That was my last session. When I got home, I found out she had also taken my iPad, so now I had no possible way of talking to friends or being entertained by anything.

I still haven’t gotten back my phone or iPad and am using a school-distributed device to type this. I have some photo albums on here that I talk to my friends with, but it’s not exactly the most convenient.

I have so much more, related and not, but I thought this was enough!
Hope you enjoyed!:clinking_glasses:


What the f- are you ok?!


Lol no

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Holy sh*t, that sounds terrible, I’m sorry.

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To lighten the mood a bit, relatively recently my dad sat down to talk with me about all that stuff and obv I was super uncomfortable at first. But, he said the whole “I’ll still love you no matter what” and hugged me. I almost cried but y’know


damn ok would you like me to murder a specific someone cough cough

also if it helps my dad abandoned me at a bus stop and i still have to see him (my parents are divorced too)

we could have a parental issues coven where we vent about how crappy our parents are :nail_care:


Omg yes I’m joining that
(Also sorry about that)

My town has a trunk or treat too it is at a church parking lot

Iv gone for the past two years but it is very overwhelming because everyone goes sometimes I don’t want to go

i have some tea, anyone wanna here >;D


Spill :nail_care::nail_care::nail_care::nail_care::coffee::coffee::teapot::teapot::bubble_tea::bubble_tea:


so these two kids hot into a fight at school over who’s girlfriend is who, turns out she was dating them both for there money :dollar:


That is sum spicy tea hun :fire::bubble_tea::tea::coffee::teapot::nail_care:


mmmm and I have more

so my classmates like to talk bad abt me to my sis, and my sis tells me (she admits: she talks bad back, but like, she dont tell them off, cause :sparkles: sibling issues :sparkles:

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uh kids stole my booksack and threw my stuff on the floor:
I made a teacher cry cause he pronounced my name wrong (its a english word)

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