Im confued will or will not?!

So basically in kings tide the collector says something that king’s dad trapped him in that orb thingy ,so if king is a titan do you think that he can also trap the collector in something so that the collector will be defeated?? Or like when he grows will his power evolve into a greater source that can stop the collector??? Do you think that luz will get a palisman in the new episode “For the future” ??? Like i have so many questions.

They confimed/said something about Luz’es palismen, I don’t just remember what ;>;

I personally think that King is going to demonstrate his titan powers against the collector when he sees that he seriously hurts Luz or Eda, or maybe they will lose the battle as for the other questions, I wouldn’t know how to answer them. I’m just as intrigued and confused as you, we’ll have to wait and see what happens with them.