Im having mental problems 👍

so give me advice because google sucks

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What kind of mental problems?


I don’t know if I can help you, I think ypu should look for profesional help, but if you don’t feel well you can tell me, I will listen to you

mk…thank you though

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Desafortunadamente, soy un consultor terrible.

ok gracias por la información

ttm broski :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :frog:

Therapy. if that didn’t work, find a therapy friend aka “DONT WORRY CITIZENS!! HOPE IS HERE! I AM HERE” - All Might :sob: MEE I WILL BE YOUR THERAPY FRIEND

so i have no friends


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I exist for a reason-

oh i thought u was a robot…


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Weird robot noices

told ya

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Try seeking a therapist or a professional, if you need help they’re probably the best to go too since it’s their job

Talk to the Therapist on