Ok so i’m writing a first person point of veiw from an immortal being, so basically there’s no energy or life but they still have thoughts and feelings.

I need to write a part where they focus their energy on something but they don’t have energy, so what’s a replacment for that???


Maybe it could be that one of your characters has found something that when they touch it suddenly something has shone on it and thus they have concentrated or obtained their energy, something like that could be and that the object who has touched it has released energy into the person. which is capable of giving energy to someone else but taking time for them to concentrate, Idk xd
Something very random but it could give some idea.

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thank you for the suggestion, but it’s kind of a weird situation. for some basic context, the god is in a human form and trying to figure out how to make a portal where a portal just was, and she needs to focus everything she has on it. I just don’t know how to word it since they physically don’t have energy…

Also it’s fun to write because I like to play around with the idea that even gods have human flaws <3

I know, the suggestion is very strange hehe and I think I understand what you said, complicated but in question the god needs energy to open a portal where there was one before but the god does not have energy.

And I imagine hehe it must be fun and you’re welcome ;b