Important questions for you

Why do you think they named the episodes like that? Like “Thanks to them”, I think it was based on that Luz almost gave up but her friends encouraged her to keep going, or “thank to them” otherwise I would no longer be alive in style :skull:.
And I think “For the future” is some kind of ''they started the planning to stop B and C, (Enzo and green mudheap). “Watching and Dreaming” sounds like SOMEONE died or was going to die OR Hunter is getting possessed again :anguished:.
I’m not going to write so much, so I could get answers too.

TELL ME (please) what do YOU think about this, pleaseee (I’m bored) :sob:


tbh, idk honestly…

(ehem 20)


I don’t really want to write much but I give you my opinion.
as a basic writer I know that when a chapter of a story (either a series or a book). The names of the chapters in the case of some authors are like small metaphors to call the attention of the reader or the audience.
In itself, the names of each chapter (depends on each author) say exactly what will happen in said chapter, on the other hand, with other types of authors, some name those chapters with an enigma phrase that could occur later in the plot.

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as a bit of a writer myself, that can be scary sometimes-

That’s true
20 letters

yes haha,sometimes I use some scary or disturbing titles to give the book more intensity and emotion


I’ve done that before.

I REALLY think that it just spells
Thanks to them
For the future
Watching and dreaming

But honestly I agree with your theory


i see it thooo-
(ehem 20)

“For the future” makes me think that they are gonna do something that will save the future.
“Watching and Dreaming” makes me think of when Luz made the weird portal that she used to save Vee. So I think someone gets sent to that realm but everyone else thinks that person died so when they realize they have to go on a whole adventure to get that person who is trapped out of the weird realm.
it also makes me think that maybe it is Belos taking possession of hunter again and that it’s hunter having to face Belos in his mind and end everything once and for all.

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Wait that could be part of it actually.


it does thooo, it makes so much sense!

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