Incorrect quotes with the english

Swearing is warned

Whisps: The wee-woo thingy?

Whisps: Do you ever feel bugs on you when really there’s nothing there?
Kittydoll: Those are the ghosts of the bugs you killed before.
Whisps: sobs
Skye: You ------- scared them, you idiot.

Kittydoll: I am darkness. I am an power. I am your worst nightmare. I could kill a man in more ways than you can imagine. I am the night. I am fury, I am a weapon, I am-
Caelum: A doll.
James: A cinnamon roll.
Skye: A sweetheart.
Kittydoll: …stop it.

James: What’s the worst thing you guys have done?
Astrid: Rickrolled my teacher in 4th grade.
Whisps: I kicked Kittydoll in the shin-
Kittydoll: -So I kicked Whisps between the legs.
Caelum: I burned a town down.
James: What?!
Kittydoll: What the hell is wrong with you?!?
Caelum: A lot of things.
Whisps: No shit.

Whisps: Whether or not I pay income taxes is none of the government’s business.
Astrid: No, well, actually, it is.
Whisps: You don’t know my name or what I look like, good luck finding me.

Caelum: Whisps, I don’t like you.
Whisps: What did you say?
Caelum: You heard me!
Whisps, internally: And it turns out I actually didn’t hear what the fck you just said.


I’m laughing so hard from this bit…

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omg this is so me :v:

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sum more:

Kittydoll: Get in the Halloween spirit and make a ghost!
Whisps: That’s called murder and I heard somewhere that it was illegal.

Poyomy: I’m never having a debate with James again, they literally started their argument with “Riddle me this.”

Can I be a part of this pls

I did one

Caelum: Could you guys at least try to see this from my perspective?
Whisps: kneels down
James: sits on the floor
Caelum: I hate all of you.

this is so accurate because I’m 4’11”

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Yep! do you have a preffered nickname or is just your username okay?

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Oh uh I use the name Cat

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Okay, i was just making sure

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Astrid: Do you ever want to talk about your emotions, Whisps?
Whisps: No.
Cat: I do!
Astrid: I know, Cat.
Cat: I’m sad.
Astrid: I know, Cat.

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This is so me, lol…

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Me fr
When I forget how something is named in both english and spanish

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Awwwh why is that so accurate tho :sob:

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I wouldn’t judge tbh

Whisps, your acting a lot like Grunkle Stan…

That’s so real :sob:

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To be fair though, they do need your name and identity appearance

They do?