Its pride month!

There were like 10 people in my grade wearing pride flags today! Also in my town we have a crosswalk that is painted like the rainbow pride flag, im so lucky that I have supportive parents and live in a mostly supportive community, I feel so bad for anyone that’s part of the lgbtqiap+ community with homophobic parents and family


Mine’s the opposite…

oh im sorry, that must be hard

It’s okay don’t worry about it

Oh, whats that like?
(sorry if this is personal or something. If you don’t want to talk about thats fine!)

I’ll be walking, literally just walking, and people (usually a bunch of preppy white boys) will pass by me and call me a slur, literally any slur, and keep walking like nothing happened. It’s also when I tried to come out both my parents essentially told me I was wrong. That wasn’t fun either. Do you have any specific questions? I can answer them if you do.

Im so sorry about that, that must be hard

Also on an unrelated note, you have preppy white boys? where I live we have toxic preppy white girls(I would know how toxic they are because I used to be friends with them)



It’s actually kind of funny. We get the wonderful life of having both! The dudes literally wear white polo shirts with pajama pants its like dude :// plus they all have the exact same haircut it’s hard to tell them apart at this point. The preppy girls are just tall and wear like basically no clothing the dress codes not very tight at my school.

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Stop the preppy apocalypse!

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:sob: :sob: :sob: I knowwwwwwwwww

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Ok unfortunately I don’t know English haha ​​I’m using the translator, and translating what they say makes me lazy, well the point is: happy pride day

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