I've been thinking about how belos lies to himself, and how it helps him lie to others

in the series, he is constanly denying any harm or malice that he causes, finding a way to justify it. “oh, they were evil” or, “it’s for the greater good”.

he manages to lie to himself so well that this lie catches onto others, like luz when she met him as phillip, she thought he was good because that was all he would lie about in the book.

or lilith when she joined the emperor’s coven and thought that she was being a responsible leader, because that was all he ever told her that she was supossed to be.

or hunter, who thought that the only way that he could find a life was if he stayed with belos and became the golden guard, because all belos ever told him was that people without magic are useless.

I might go into more detail another time, but its really intresting to notice!! :3333


yes really intresting this argument of belos…