Jean Luc.. so cool

Did anyone else besides me like Jean Luc? I mean… LOOK AT IT. IT’S AWESOME
I like sooo much how it’s moving, it’s so weirdo and elegant at the same time. It seems something like a cat with it’s movings for me… also, I move somewhat like it a bit :'∆
I also like the music when it appears, it’s so remarkable for me, I really do love it. That’s sounds of my heart I guess :}
And Jean Luc reminds me someone/something so hard, but I can’t just remember exactly…
(And it’s claws, they’re just - :cupid:)


I never thought about that, but I’m with you, I like it, and I think it’s a real mystery what is it, we think that it’s a guardian of the Titan to protect King, but… why is it the unique alive, is it even alive, how was it made or born?

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can jean luc get some love for gods sake I think he is awesome

Indeed! I hoped so much to see more of Jean Luc in series but alas it never happened…

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Heck, I loved him so much since first time I saw him… I need to do a little story about him~

100% would read

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