Just a little something I need to get of my chest

I’ve been here for only a few days. (Don’t remember how many exactly) And I’ve already met so many amazing people. This community is beautiful and I’m so happy that I’m able to be apart of it. One person I need to thank especially is @AladorsAbomination
They’ve made me feel like the person that I properly want to be and I can’t thank them enough for that. :heart:
I love you all and I want to be able to help anyone and everyone as much as physically possible.


Hey Cybae, I’m not that special- lol

Hey! Guess who’s on penstigram! Btw how do I change my pfp on here?


I think ya figured it out -v-

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Yes, silly me :^ Not me typing useless stuff to get 20 characters

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-v- lol
(filler of 20 bc you know the drill by now guys-)

Yeah but you still mean a lot to me! :heart:

Awe, you’re so sweet ^^
(ofc I can’t like anymore-)

I try. :sweat_smile: :heart:
20 charas

Awe, come on, Im blushinggg

Wow I thought I was a bottom :heart: :smiling_face:

well I am too- lol
(20 charas filler bc ya know)

Bottoms are best! lol

(20 charas filler bc ya know)