Looking for Artists!

Oml!! I’d LOVE to try

Ok! Heres the description

alright! Sylvia is a witch with Black hair just below their shoulders, a medium-sized scar stretching from the base of their neck to just below their collarbone, they have yellow eyes, and kind of a Hunter skin tone. They are also a transwoman so remember to draw them with a feminine face and body shape please!


  • Black Cape with a Owl Clasp
  • A dark gray shirt with a single eye on it, (similar to the portal door eye, but light grey instead of yellow)
  • Converse with King’s light glyph wear the converse logo should be
  • Black jeans with a chain on the left side
  • Black circle earings (like Luz’s)
  • A Black/dark grey owl Palisman similar to Owlbert but with a scar on their right eye

I also have a question: Are you a traditional or digital artist?

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I am both actually! But I’m better at traditional lolz

I sacrifice mine to you