My oc as Hunter part 12 <3


I like her traumatized face ;>;
2 Questionn,becuz why wouldn’t I ask REMEMBER TO ANSWER:
If she would be in the Hexsquad,
Would she be in the school, already in coven or homeschooled? And who would be her parent figure from the covenleaders?

(I already have my own answers, but I want to hear what y’all think)
The base:


Love it
To the questions:

  1. I think she would be studying in Hexside
  2. I kinda feel like Raine would be the parent figure
    Just my opinion
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Interesting answers : D

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I love it! Also for the questions:

  1. Definitely going to hexside!
  2. Definitely looks up to Darius cuz yes

I was thinking that you would say Raine,Eda,darius or Belos because she’s like the golden guard : o
But very good answers : D

Belos is literally the source of the trauma-

Yess he is part of her traumaa

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A big part at that-

Actually, yes :skull: