My oc as the golden guard part 9!

If my oc would be in toh, who would she be very close friends with from the hexsquad?

Btw the base;


Ofc it looks amazing as always! Though why does this one just make me think Akira is a genderbend version of Hunter?

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She is giving the vibes, but she isn’t :joy:

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But you didn’t answer my guestion 3:<

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insert English accent for no reason I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again! If Akira was in the Hex squad, there would definitely be a poly relationship between Luz, Amity and Akira!

I asked about friend/bestfriend, not couple thingys :V

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Oh right sorry. You and Willow are definitely gossiping about Hunter any moment you get

Okaay : D

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ASDGSDGHDFHGD THIS LOOKS SO PRETTYYY and i think she’d be besties with amity bc they both give me the vibe of overachiever tbh-

: D


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