My TOH Oc: Kyoshi Madoka

Meet Kyoshi Madoka:

A genderfluid witch who studied Healing and Bard magic at Hexside-
He has 3 siblings: Momo, Kinoko, and Yami-
Palisman is a red and white unicorn-
Uses Hey/They Xie/Xem pronouns-
Silver hair, aqua blue eyes, and wears almost pure white or red all the time-
Kyoshi Madoka
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Wow :sparkles:
Need 20 letters .-.

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this is what happens when you can’t draw so you turn to ai-based generators -v-

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A very cute character and with a fitting description.

That’s gonna be me :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Thank you Cybae ^^, I tried my best with what I could find-

Don’t be so hard on yourself- your art is prolly better than mine

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wowwww it is precious

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thank you, it was just an ai-generator, but thank you anyway

Mine definitely isn’t :sweat_smile:

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awe, I doubt that cybae-