New theory (Yes I am bored;-;)

About Eda’s and Raine’s music.
(What was beautiful tho)
(Here’s pic, if you don’t remember)

R and E almost died for it, but it is possible that they use Raine’s rhapsody (correct me if I wrote that wrong) against collector&belos. Like the R’s magic + Eda’s curse almost killed Darius and His cat’s (Wth is the cat looking thingy’s name???) rat. But R stopped the rhapsody, because Eda have kids. But if I would have to choose who would sacrife themself for everyone, first ones what I could think are E and R. Like E and R tried to stop the Day of Unity with their magic, because they needed Raine and the other two to complete the spell. And we all saw what the magic+curse did to Darius (Goop form). And Belos is rn just Goop, right? So it’s possible that they will use it against him. Yes I admit, I have no idea how they will handle Collector. And I think someone HAS to replace King as Collector’s “toy”, because if they want to lock Collector somewhere they need King for it. Soo~ It’s possible that we will see Raeda sacrifise themself for everyone. And like Eda has the highest possibility, Cuz King and Luz. And Raine, they (hopefully) like Eda and don’t want to lose her.

Sooo~ Tell me in the comment’s what you think about my theory!! I’m interested to know what you think abouy my theory and if you have theories I am interested to hear them.

Ps. Please comment, I’m bored and I want to talk to people :sob:

I think Eda would sacrifice herself, but then Raine would try to stop her.
And yes, someone has to replace King, who even knows what is the Collector trying to do with him?
About Belos, I’m still not sure how they will defeat him, but since Luz’s egg hatches in the next episode, maybe she can use it to defeat him or the Collector.
Or maybe they make a plan to stop the Collector, but I think it will be very difficult. I think that the first step of this plan will be rescue King.

Esa es una posibilidad para eliminar al Coleccionista… que ya fue plantedada hace demasiado tiempo xd.

Hay probabilidades de que eso ocurra, si.

Hay motivos, pues segun un amigo que conozco y le sabe al tema del desarrollo de personajes, me comentó que Edalyn es un personaje perfecto para matar, pues ya esta culminado, asi que si, puede ser.

Pls use a translator.

Yes I think that eda might sacrifice herself for others, and King needs to be freed from the Collector!

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If you can write/understand/know english, please use it.

If I know how to read something, I have an idea, but I don’t know how to write. Things like “Pls use a translator” is something memorized.

Right now I am using a translator.

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