Only 2 days until 2023 ✨️

Thank you everyone for the year 2022. I had so much fun in here and I hope 2023 will be even happier and funnier year. I especially want to thank Whinnie (I can’t tag him rn), @KITTY9003 , @Arch_Angel and many others who made me happier in here and I hope everyone who reads this have found someone who they feel happier with.



Thank you! Hope u have a happy new year (:


Dang I just got on and I’m already getting emotional :pleading_face:

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I still can’t believe 2023 is so close…
It literally feels like my first state marching band competition was just a few days ago

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If the year is almost over and I didn’t do anything productive xd

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Lol I feel that
(filler cuz :sparkles: yes :sparkles:)

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(Idk if this counts)
I went from 89 followers to 222 followers on youtube, and I’m proud of myself :eye::lips::eye:

I’m about to make it 223. What’s your youtube?

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Xx~ Akira ~xX


ok give me a moment!

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You’re a gachatuber?? Gacha Friend!! Your OC looks very familiar for some reason

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Yess I am : D
I took lil insp in the outfit from • Yukiii • and from random gacha tiktoker’s hair.

Also you like HP?

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Yess >:3 Draco is my fav :sparkles:

Omg sameeee! Slytherin house for the win :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Yeyyaa :partying_face:


I would love playing quidditch honestly

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Me too! I even have Hogwart themed schoolbag and it has smth about quidditch on it : D
And like imagine yourself on Harry’s place, so cool but scary :face_holding_back_tears:

Thank youu<3 I hope you have Awesome New year <3

I took a gryffindor scarf from my brother because he never used it and the only thing I could think while wearing it was “I need more slytherin stuff”

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