Owl house fan story chapter 7

“they live in a skull?” She asked, confused. “technically no, that’s the throne room,they live in the archive house,” he gestured to the floating palace like thing above the skull. She just nodded,then watched as hunter pushed a piece of the skull open, Revealing a flight of stairs. As they walked up she couldn’t help but wonder if he was connected to the empress and queen,and the princess. That was answered when the walked into a giant thrown room. “Oh, hey hunter,” the girl sitting on one of the two thrones in the room said. She had pale skin,her hair was purple and pulled into a ponytail, interestingly,the hair band was made of jewels. “hello, queen Amity,” he said, slightly bowing. “I told you to just call me Amity!” She insisted, getting up out of the throne. “Anyway, what’s the problem?” She asked, even though her words weren’t formal,she just looked so fancy! “This might be more off a Luz problem,” he said, gesturing to Flick.

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