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i hc that since hunter is a grimwalker and is made out of palstroum wood, all the palsmen like to cuddle up to him. this also means that in the human realm, woodpeckers kept on chasing him.


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Poor hunter :sweat_smile: :joy:

Alright well basically I like to think that Alador did want to be a good father which is why he did end up making all the abomatrons and such. Trashdalia manipulated Alador and made him think he was doing well and over time he did realize that he wasn’t doing well as a father and tried to right his wrongs with Amity and the twins!


haha if it were true, poor hunter

What he did want to know is what would happen if King wanted him to grow up to be the titan that he is.
Would he remain the same or would he change his personality?

a change personality, what so that he how titan take responsibility for their actions ,change of child ar adult…

something like that
20 characters

Trashdalia​:pray: :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

Trashdilia THREATEN ALADOR WITH DIVORCE :rofl: :rofl: :skull:

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They are divorced in my au-

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Trashdallia is in jail for attempted domestic abuse in mine

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Alador is completely pissed off with trashdalia in my au- he literally called her that to her face.

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