Ppl who make me happy on pensta :D (part one)

These arent in order (might not get yall)

@Lily_of_the_valley you are so loving and kind and i love how you say oh my frog its so cute /p
@CyrusBlitz you are the princess and so sweet <3 /p
@v4lv4t1n3 i love talking to you sm ur rlly cool <333
@Thatbirbperson i love your silly lil rants and also this

@Sheepeto i love how you actually listen to the music i recommend and give me honest feedback tyyyy <3
@Your_Local_Goop_Pile I love how we did matching nimona pfps for a while, also i love how you always try to comfort ppl <33

If you werent included, dw there will be a second part my lil pookies <3


oh my frog tyyy :sob:

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Yup im gonna cry happy tears. You’re awesome Mac <3 /p


Thank you so much! I love mayching pfp with you too :]

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thank you thank you it means a lot

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