#savetheowlhouse #theowlhousespinoffs

hey there guys, this is my first time here and I’m glad to be a part of the owl club,
i need some ideas on how to save the owl house, any ideas?


Is it just for me bc I can’t watch owl house in English but I can still watch it in English sub which is still English lol

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eh there’s not much we can do. i really wish but you know

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never give up hope, an end can be a new beginning, spin-offs, or a 4th season, we can never know until dana says she is done, and remember her Reddit post did say if we get better higher-ups in the future, then she/we could bring it back
never give up hope, because this is who we are

it wouldnt be impossible! steven universe was also forced to end early due to a gay wedding, but it still ended up getting a movie and a spinoff!!

that said, this is DISNEY, so it might be slightly less possible