Season 3 other episode theories 🤭

(This is going to be long post)

I think Luz will get her REAL magic powers in the coming episodes. I saw youtube video with thumbnail looking like this. ;

And we’ve seen Luz get “magic powers” many times through seasons 1-2

So do you think I have a point in this theory :thinking:

Number two:

Hexsquad and Rebel’s reunion

I belive that Willow’s, Gus’es and Amity’s families are happy to see them again. But what is going to happen between Eda and Camila. I think it is kinda akward to them. Like Eda take care for Luz like month’s, and seeing her mother WHAT SHE WILL THINK :skull::pinched_fingers: And Hunter seeing Darius (hopefully), What will then happen?! Because I feel like something is going to happen between those two. And Eda’s fricking arm, Has Alador fixed it or is it still broken without any additional parts?

Collector situation

What does the Boiling Isles look like? Because we saw at the end of season 2 that the Collector destroys the entire (believably) Titan’s skull, Belos had hidden the collector inside it. Have the Isles become a tree-shaped island? Has the Collector created a whole new tree-isles? Because end of the season 2 we can hear collector saying: " If we want to play owl house, we need owl house!!" (Something like that).

Hexside school
I’m just wondering what Bumb and the other people at school think about the whole thing. Is Bosha as mean as always and are Luz’s friends from the detection okay? And is Emerald entrails team okay?


It is believable that she has gone to beg for mercy from the collector to herself. Is she now working for the collector? And btw I hope she is d💀d.


Now that all the “war” is on, what will the Coven leaders do? I believe that together they will lead the rebels against the Collector and Belos. And do the Coven leaders still believe in the same kind of bull$h!t that Belos had told them that they would accept The day of Unity happening? Will the day of unity number 2 happen? I belive that they don’t belive again him.

Hunter’s mental health

In the season 3 episode 1 Hunter’s possession happened, right? Will it happen again? Btw I belive someone is going to get possessed in the season. And what will happen to Hunter’s magic?? Now he doesn’t have flapjack/staff will his magic work? I’ve already talked about one of my theories that the magic inside Flapjack is what could cause Hunter’s powers. Like Hunter has palisman wood already, only thing what he needs is something how flap was made. (And yes I use Hunter’s nickname to Flapjack)

I’m interested in hearing what you think about my theories in the comment field, And I don’t mind if you share your theories.

I wanna hear what you think about my theories : D

(Sorry if I made any typos :sob:)


I agree with most of your theories, but not all of them :thinking::
First, I don’t think Luz will get magical powers on her own, perhaps externally, like with the help of a palisman for example.
Second, I do believe that the coven leaders, with the power they have, will lead a resistance against the Collector, but I don’t think they will all fight against the Collector, maybe some will fight WITH the Collector, to save their own skin, like ( :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: THE BI#$@!!) Odalia.

But from there, it sounds pretty cool the theories and questions you raise.

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for me i think when they return to the demon realm i think alador makes eda a new arm ofc and i feel like the whole place will be destroyed and everyone will have no magic. and i feel since flapjack is in hunter i think hunter will get powers from flap!..

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There is those things where she gets her power, glyphts

(IDK how to write it :skull:)

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I honestly think that flapjack “transferred” his magic to hunter in a way. I believe that hunter will be able to use the same magic that flapjack gave him, though I think it may take him a bit to realize. It may end up happening in a fight or something. But if that is the case, then if Belos takes possession of Hunter again then he may be able to use that magic to his advantage.

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Honestly, I really don’t think that luz will get any “Real Magic Powers”. I believe that she might get some latent power from a palismen seeing how we have seen belos get longer life from killing them (RIP flapjack). Although it might be something related to how we see her interact with the bat queen and other palismen in general, ie, getting owlbert back and bringing hunter and flapjack together, so I think palismen will be really important.

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In the picture, there is glyphs around her head.

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Eating my words rn

Have you seen the trailer? :joy:


yeah I don’t know what I was thinking

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well at least one of your theories were right, but does anyone have theories about s3 e3? I have a theory that there will be a war between the collector (s)? and titan (s?). I mean we saw that the titans hold just as much power as the collectors do. So if the titans magic cancels out the collectors magic, maybe they will start a never ending war? Or maybe the collectors are like the opposites of titans which is why their magic cancels out. Idk. What do yall think.

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What I think is that luz will get her powers from her staff/palismen

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