The owl house RP!

Just RP here. I’ll add slots so u can RP as that character OR make a custom OC.


Im lazy so these are what’s there for now. Suggest me people and I’ll add them


Kat Clawfeather-KITTY9003
palisman name- Midnight.(Black cat w/ demon wings)

Whinnie Shadowfluff- AladorsAbomination
Palisman-Amethyst(Purple fox)


Oof- You need to delete ur comments TvT I cant-

U can start now!


Sitting down at her desk trying to draw No no no, this isn’t right! “What I need is a break” She mumbled to herself.

I can’t participate :sob::sob: ( nooooooooo )

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(is there something wrong??)

Why not ?


Kat enters the room Is something wrong? She asks

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Jumps up dropping her book, her palisman Amethyst grumbled. “Hey, it’s not my fault you nap on my bag. Also, I’m just fine, thanks.”

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Okay… But what were you doing? Kat raised an eyebrow

“Trying to draw, why?”

Oh just checking. You got pretty startled. Anyways, have you seen my Palisman? She ran off somewhere…

“I have not, what does she look like?” This caused Amethyst’s ears to perk up “I think he might have an idea though.”

Well… She is a fully black cat with a torn ear and demon wings and tail.

Amethyst pointed towards a black cat playing with a ball of twine “Is this her?”

Kat turned to look MIDNIGHT!??? Yes! it is her! Kat picked her up Thank you very much!

Whinnie giggled “Cats like twine-”

I guess I could buy her some-

“Not a bad idea- she seems to be having fun”

Kat smiled Do you need anything? Im gonna shopping!