The Owl House x Dream SMP

OK- If you don’t know/like the Dream SMP then you can shoo-shoo or still look at it.
What im thinking is that like Luz would maybe be George and Amity would be Dream- Like? Am I wrong or write? And maybe like Ranboo could be a simple side character as the same with Tubbo. And maybe Sapnap can be Hunter/The Golden Guard. And then Karl can be Willow? Eh? Is that good?


ya! i get what u r going at

aaaa ok I know what you want to do

Like? Once when I get a new chromebook should I make this into art? Like :smiley:

I feel like I need to make art of this :smiley:

ya!!! You should defiantly do that! I could help if you want

Ummm- I just feel like maybe a list of people for me to do like what character matches like-

George - Luz
Dream - Amity

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Wait who would Ranboo and Bee Boy be?
I do like these ideas though! :heart:

Tbh- I honestly dont know… Maybe like some side characters?

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Maybe the detention coven friends

Oooh! Yes! That would be perfect!

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I’m going to draw this

Alr! thats up to you!