This part made my day ( Spoiler alert for the leaked episode)

G"Luz has staff"
W"Why does that make me nervous"


Actually I don’t blame them for being nervous, I would be too I mean, it’s LUZ she can FLY now. :weary:

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Yeah, they can’t be blamed.
Look what she did :rofl: :smiling_face_with_tear:


(20 word filler gejdgsh)

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One of the least sad moments


What was the saddest + most relatable part for you?

Hold on I need your quote powers! What did Luz say when her palismen hatched?

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“The only thing what I ever wanted was to be…understood”

That is the most relatable quote in all of The Owl House for me

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And what was the saddest part for you?

There’s too many sad moments so idk

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My most relatable quote’s were probably the whole Willow mess-
Like idk, I keep telling myself when I want to cry or feel sad “Keep it in”
And I have heard that what Gus said “It’s okay to be sad, just let it out we will be fine”
But I haven’t heard very much like “You mean the world to me, and I just didn’t know how to say it before”
(Damn I remembered those :D)
And the saddest parts were probably when Hunter felt sad or traumatized and he showed it.

Those are all really relatable quotes

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Yea, and the fact that I remembered those xd

Now I go do some art,probably break some of my bones and get a headache and feeling scared about school starting

It is rather impressive

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Yea and now I’m listening to music and today we also have swimming :sob: :skull:

I’m assuming you don’t like swimming?

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I like swimming, but let’s just say that I don’t like trying to breath after it anndd I haven’t slept very well :skull: :sob:

I KNOW HOW TO SWIm :skull: