!TUTORIAL! ( from my last post )

Ok so heres a tutorial because everyone kept asking how I did it on my last post ( im not the best at explaining btw )

  1. Pick a character : you can use any character you like
  2. Idk what to put : open any art program you like I used ibis paint but any will do
  3. Insert base : insert any character you like (im using amity)
  4. Drawing part : first lower the opacity of your base and make a new layer and then draw the
    sketch of your character
  5. Lineart : do your lineart :neutral_face:
  6. Color :partying_face: : color in your image :rage:
  7. Shading : when your shading the parts you wanna shade are mostly on the nose and neck sometimes under the eyes for eyebags

  8. Different outfits : if you want different outfits you have to try to find the body like this

    And now boom now you can draw different outfits :slight_smile:

    Second part : Theres more :scream:

Drawing your oc in scenes : there two ways to draw yourself in scenes

1 overlap :
The original image

My oc overlapping (i idk how to explain)

2 idk
In this image my chracter not overlapping anyone thats the difference :+1:

The original image :

Im gonna show how to do the first part

  1. First grab your image

  2. Do the sketch

  3. You know what to do lineart then color

  4. Shading : for the shading you have to follow the shading on the original image

    It doesn’t have to be exactly the same but atleast make it similar

  5. Background fixing: time to the fix background :partying_face: the reason why we have to do this cause we dont this

    (Ignore how theres no shading on the photo)

To fix this you have use the liquify tool

If you don’t have the liquify tool just skip this step (there are more options)

  1. Squish squash : after selecting the liquify tool you squish the image until it doesn’t look like this

    It should look kinda like this

    Also sometimes the background would weird so heres how to fix that

  2. Select and color : there 2 ways on how to fix your problem 1: select and move 2: select color and color over the weird spots ( you can both )

And i guess your done (sorry if it doesn’t make sense :sweat_smile:)

Time for method 2

  1. Grab photo (again) : im using this one
  2. Grab a base : to grab a base there are three options
    1: grab a base from the same scene

2 : go back before or after the scene and choose a base there (with the same/similar perspective)

3 : go in a different episode and try to find a base (with the same/similar perspective)

You can also adjust your base or take a someones limb and put on your base

  1. Put your base in scene

    (Im using option 2 btw)

  2. You know what to do sketch,lineart,color,shading/lighting

And boom know you have your stuff (here are all the images)

Sorry if this tutorial sucks but i hope ya’ll understood

Heres a pancake (it not burnt I promise)


Tysm for the tutorial, this helped me very much :face_holding_back_tears::two_hearts:


Love your drawings! Tysm for the help!


Definitivamente una buena forma de dibujar xd


AAAAA TYYY ive been tryin 2 learn how 2 do these 4 a while!!! XD


omg thank you, I needed this.
I use ibispaint a lot but it was quite difficult for me to make my oc.

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Your welcome :blush: ( 20 chaeacters