Vee *Noceda* fanart 💗

With or without notepad?

My :duck:ing pen broke, so it makes ink blots :sob:
(The drawing is about when Vee sees Masha and blushes)


you never fail with your art

Thank you :sob: :heartpulse:


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I’m surprised you didn’t put (I wanna say the ears but I don’t think that’s right) ears on the sides of her head

The pic what I looked she didn’t have ears showing, and I forgot what her ears looks like when she is on her human form.

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Oh ok that makes more sense. sorry

Don’t worry : D


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I keep forgetting I’m not out of likes anymore :sweat_smile:

Me too. And dang my tailbone is broken so now I am hurt and I have to walk around my room before I start again drawing :sob:

omg this looks so sick!!! literally i love the way she looks in your style

I’m happy that you like it : D

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Oh goodness. I hope you feel better soon. Don’t strain yourself too much

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