Veesha headcanons! (vee x masha)

  • masha actually knows vee used 2 pretend 2 be luz, but they pretend to not know just because they want vee to feel safe enough to tell them herself

  • on their first date, vee noticed they kept on getting trailed by jacob, so she transformed into a monster to scare him away

  • vee and masha love to skate together, vee is the best on roller blades and masha rocks a skateboard

  • gus will sometimes tag along just to ride in his cosmic frontier themed heelys

  • vee and masha’s wingman was gus, he was the first one to find out they had a thing for eachother, and being one of vee’s best friends, he had to get them together


I could definitely see Gus being a wingman. I would trust that he knows what to do honestly.

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Forgive me, but are you too lazy to write “to” :sob:


yea ur right :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: i just didnt rlly wanna writ it 4 th entire time

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