Warning of possible scam/malicious link ⚠️

Continuando la discusión desde Advertencia de posible estafa/link malicioso :warning::

I come here to briefly warn you about a possible scam or malicious link that was just presented to me on YouTube.

This ad just appeared on YouTube. It is presented as a site that “supposedly” has the entire first season of TADC.

When you enter the video, it asks you to enter a site called “TheAmazingDigitalCircus.fun”. Which is also in a pinned comment in the comment section.

Captura de pantalla (6526)
When you enter this site, this screen appears, and they ask you to complete one of the offers to unlock the 8 episodes.
This is obviously very fake, and although it seems obvious, I still tell you this cause I know there’s people who actually fall for this.


I ask you to please share this information wherever you can, since with the popularity that TADC has, I do not doubt that many people who are not in Pensta will fall for this :warning: