What if there was a netflix original spinoff

it occurred to me that if this show ends then we will need a way to continue the show… so why not finish The Owl House and then take a spinoff show to Netflix. Netflix would have no problem supporting a show that popular and if Disney doesn’t want The Owl House because “its not fit for their brand” then why not take the show from them and give it to someone else.

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Ok but what if the show ends with the 3 specials since they already cutted every Huntlow scenes they might have enough time for the series to end, and technically a spin-off is still about toh and toh belongs to Disney so i think a spin-off would still be Disney’s property

i get that but Netflix has bought rights to other Disney shows and Disney has giving Netflix certain marvel movies like Spiderman and Morbius. I’m just saying this show is to precious to just end and Lumity is one of the most perfect and precious relationships out there, and that should be protect. if you would like to have a full discussion with me about this my discord is queen_wolfie#9194 insta is alphawolf6776 snap alexyork6766 i ask that you keep all conversations professional since i am on an army installation and am always at work.

From PFC Alexandria V Savage. :transgender_flag: