Aladarius Makes More Sense Than Odalador-

Change my mind -v-

But let’s be honest, Odalia is so negative towards her entire family constantly forcing them to be just like her (so, in other words, mean and heartless). At least Alador practices the same magic as the head witch Darius who both practice Abomination magic. Alador could learn special spells from Darius that nobody else could possibly understand. As much as I ship myself with Alador, at least Darius fits with him better than Odalia, but he’s still mine in my au -v-
What other headcannons/cannons do all of you Lovies have? Tell me down below in the comments
Love you all my Lovies, See y’all on the flipside of the shadows~


i vote for the odalador

oop- I just don’t see it, he’s still mine either way bc I’m lost in my own au-


haha ok
20 characters

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(20 characters-)

Honestly? Aladarius So much better, BUT I really don’t think it’ll become canon despite it being such a perfect match. While we do see them as close friends in the flashback episode, Odalia is still right there in the middle between them both. She’s also only interested in business so I really hope she ends up with Tibbles, kind of trapped in a business-focused relationship. I really hope Odalia dies in the next episode

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20 characteres )2082

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Tibbles x Odalia- beautiful match tbh. And please, almost the entire fandom wishes she’d die already -.-

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I never thought of this. Tibbles x Odalia for the win.



(-still not happy with the “needs 20 chars” thing)

Rip 19 character people

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ok first off
“Love you all my Lovies, See y’all on the flipside of the shadows~” That struck my heart in some way that I can not explain.
and second, I agree with this whole heartedly. Odalia is trash and doesn’t deserve to even have a family in the first place with how she acts.
Also, Darius does know about Alador as seen in Eda’s Requiem so we do know that it is definitely a possibility.

Is that a bad thing?
I hope Odalia gets run over honestly-
And Aladarius SHOULD be a thing

It dosent have to canon

My opinion:
Odalia should be unalived :smiling_face:


Yeah I know I ship aladarius but I was just saying I don’t think it’ll become canon. I’m not saying it needs to either I’m just saying it probably won’t.

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I feel you tbh- she needs to be torched with a flamethrower.

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Unfortunately, even though its such a beautiful beautiful match!

Ok :+1:
( ignore this cause it let me type ok by itself :sob::sob: )

Pensar en que ship es mejor, y porque lo sería, es, francamente, para mi, una cosa muy intrascendente. Solo valdría la pena hacer eso en ships realizados, como el Lumity e incluso el Winter/Huntlow.


Pues un ship esta hecho para divertirse; Y pelearse por: ¿Cual tiene mas sentido? O ¿Cual es mejor? Es francamente poco admirable, dado a que le estas tomando demasiada seriedad a algo que solo fue creado por una persona que imagina (y la agrada) la situacion de verlos (imaginarlos) como pareja.

Es mi-opinion…

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