Colgad aquí vuestros edits sobre cualquier cosa

Aquí culego uno:

Para los que no sepan son los personajes de Magia Record pero con el ending 1 de la Parte 5 de GioGio.

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Oh- i can post my edits here :> i have around 20 so far so i’ll decide which ones to send

Hunter/G boi tribute - YouTube

season 3 G boi and Enzo Gabriel in the big black ink - YouTube

yet another video idk how to title - YouTube

Harpy Eda dedi - YouTube

I haven’t finished making Raeda edits - YouTube

Carol of the Hollow Mind Christmasified - YouTube

alright that’s all that I wanted to send here :>

the third link is audio from Avi Roque’s tiktok (Raine’s voice actor)

also you guys might want to open in another tab/window because it doesn’t automatically do it for you :eyes: