Do you think it's possible that after Flapjack sacrificed himself for Hunter, that he gets now he's witch powers?

Because he has already palistrom wood in him, and now when he has magic from flapjack too… Is it possible for him to get he’s witch/Wizard powers???

Do you think it is possible :thinking:

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i don’t think he will get powers mostly because Philip didnt really ‘get’ powers even though he survived off palismen for roughly 422 years he just became a palismen monster and his physical form decayed over the years leaving him with what he is now he never gained powers the palismen just manifested inside him while Hunter did the same and used Flap jack which is a palismen to survive

also the palismen wood gives him keratin which is what hair and nails are made of which also explains why his hair got a lot longer because he had all those palismen inside of him boosting his keratin by a shit ton (it says keratin right next to the underlined palistrom wood just like how the galderstone is his heart

and if anything him absorbing Flap Jack made him more human his eyes turned a normal hazel color rather than maroon like a grimwalker

which leads me to a theory i have about Evelyn Caleb Philip Flap Jack and Hunter

(you can ignore this its just be speculating and going off the rails nothing with much evidence or importance)

so i think (this is a total guess but its fun to think abt) that Evelyn was Flap revealed when Philip said “goodbye Evelyn” and crushed Flap i think that Evelyn was turned into Flap somehow after Philip killed Caleb (seen in hollow mind) and that Hunter is either not a reincarnation of Caleb but his son whos name couldve been Hunter (?) that or Philip didnt want speculation and named him something else maybe Philip turned Evelyn into Flap or somehow had sum to do with it (maybe Caleb did it as an attempt to preserve his gf?) if we’re going by the girl we see with Caleb is Evelyn and he did get that hot witch gf but anyways maybe Flap is Evelyn or Flap is just Calebs palismen but still its fun to think about how Hunter couldve been a clone of Calebs son therefore making Philip an uncle like he claims to be and Flap was literally his mom (dam his first friend was his mom) tho Flap is a male cardinal because hes bright red and female cardinals are a murky brown (male cardinals try to pull chicks by being bright and looking flashy)
theres A LOT of holes in this but its fun to look into and think about prob not what happens tho lol


I’m am very sorry, but do you think I have the ability to concentrate and read all what you said :raised_back_of_hand::sweat_smile:

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(one sentence summery last paragraph if you dont want a more detailed version)

long story short i dont think Hunter will get Flaps powers because thats not how palismen work they have really good healing properties thats how Belos survived for over 400 years (422 years max) he used the palismen to survive and when Hunter ‘absorbed’ Flap it kept him alive Belos never gained powers he used the collector to get powers the palismen just kept him alive

and hes not made of palismen wood it says it gives him keratin which is what hair and nails r made of so his hair and nails r made of palistrom wood which is why his hair grew so long. the souls of the palismen (what Belos is made of) increased his keratin

hes made out of a multitide of things his heart and strength is galdorstone and he uses all thew other materials listed to make up the rest of him

he wont gain powers just protein specifically keratin

hope that sums it up for you.

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well now you know more abt keratin and grimwalkers :+1:

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(I’m sorry if you don’t understand, my first language is Spanish) as you said here, palisman manifested in Belos in a bad way like wanting to escape, I think Flapjack will manifest in a good way, bc he wanted to do that, he wants to stay so I think hunter is going to be able to do what Flapjack does like teleportation

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(Spanish translation at the end as well as a summary in Spanish and English)

(I will also cite my sources for the real world science i put in at the end aka the keratin protein i brought up)

Hunter wont get flaps powers because palismen dont give powers they have healing properties. It manifested in Belos because his insides turned into palismen goop after using palismen to survive for so long (for as long as 422 years and atleast 380 years if you want i can explain why i think he is that old using a separate theory abt american history) Belos got his powers from the collector we know this because he said it in kings tide (ill put the full quote and time stamp at the end) Belos never got powers from the palismen so its safe to assume that Hunter wont either
the image shows Hunter is made of palistrom wood but thats not true palistrom wood is his keratin which is the protein that hair and nails r made of which is why Hunters hair grew after being possesed by a palismen goop monster (literally a monster made of keratin for him) I can see why people think Belos got his powers from consuming palismen but he didnt he just consumed them to preserve his body eventually leading to their souls manifesting and becoming the monster we know him as today
Flaps soul may be inside Hunter we’ll find out later on in the series

Hunter no obtendrá poderes de solapas porque los palismen no dan poderes que tienen propiedades curativas. Se manifestó en Belos porque sus entrañas se convirtieron en palismen goop después de usar palismen para sobrevivir durante tanto tiempo (durante 422 años y al menos 380 años, si quieres, puedo explicar por qué creo que es tan viejo usando una teoría separada de la historia estadounidense) Belos obtuvo sus poderes del coleccionista, sabemos esto porque lo dijo en marea real (pondré la cita completa y la marca de tiempo en el final) Belos nunca obtuvo poderes de los palismen, por lo que es seguro asumir que Hunter tampoco lo hará.la imagen muestra que Hunter está hecho de madera de palistrom, pero eso no es cierto, la madera de palistrom es su queratina, que es la proteína de la que están hechos el cabello y las uñas, por lo que el cabello de Hunters creció después de ser poseído por un monstruo de palismen goop (literalmente un monstruo hecho de queratina para él) Puedo ver por qué la gente Belos obtuvo poderes al consumir palismen, pero no los consumió, solo los consumió para preservar su cuerpo. a sus almas manifestándose y convirtiéndose en el monstruo que lo conocemos hoy Flaps soul puede estar dentro de Hunter que descubriremos más adelante en la serie

in summary (English) Hunter wont get powers just a hair and nail boost.

en resumen Hunter no obtendrá poderes solo un impulso de cabello y uñas.

so sorry if this isnt translated right i used a translator lol

I hope this answers your questions if not i can try to go into a more detailed summary

(timestamps quote and sources)
collector quote : “I gave you the draining spell i taught you magic stronger than anybodys!”
Belos quote : “and thats why I won’t release you, cant have you giving that to anyone else. Goodbye.”

time stamp : 18:30 - 18:19

source for keratin
Keratin: Protein, Structure, Benefits, Uses & Risks.

there is a one sentence summary at the end if you want (in Spanish and English)
and the theory is also in Spanish after the English version if its not translated right im so sorry i used a translator and idk if its right

hay un resumen de una oración al final si lo desea (en español e inglés) y la teoría también está en español después de la versión en inglés si no está traducida correctamente, lo siento, usé un traductor y no sé si es correcto

He turns into a palisman

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I am not sure, guess we have to wait like, 2 weeks lolz


I think Flap did end up giving Hunter his magic and I think that Hunter will eventually realize that he has these powers in like a fight of sorts or something.

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