Fav owl house character? or comfort character

my fav character is Gus, However i find my comfort in Eda and Luz :sunny: :kissing_closed_eyes:


My favorite character is amity bc ya know- :rainbow_flag::sparkles::rainbow_flag::sparkles: lmao. but luz is awesome and willow is adorable. i also like raine

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Hooty the door, i dont know why but i love this owl tube demon thingy


My favorite character is eda and amity

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i love the collector and hunter, i hate belos hes a jerk


Favorite characters are EVERYONE, but most faves are Amity, Collector, Hunter, and Raine <33


my fav its Luz, my comfort its Willow, Eda and Gus


Hunter but i actually have reasons

one, Zeno Robinson duh
two, he would understand what neglection feels like
three, he understands what abuse is like
four, hes very interesting from a science perspective
five, i feel like he would just be an understanding person in general


My favourite caracter is Hunter! :sparkles::sparkles:
My comfort caracter is Luz because she passed a lot of hard things and I think we would understand each other


Favorite Character: Hunter cuz he’s too hot!! :heart::heart::heart:
Comfort Character: Willow because she’s so nice and sweet. :green_heart:


my favorite character is Willow
shes one of the only characters that expresses this real problem of internalization of anxiety
and a bold character nonetheless
her bravery is rlly admirable and shes rlly pretty <3 :tulip:

Fave: Raine! They are just so calming, idk how to explain it- I just- ARGH I LOVE THEM SO MUCH-
Comfort: Willow, She’s just so nice but on the inside she tries to hide how she feels and that relates a lot to me
Comfort: Then last, It’s Hunter. He went through a lot of trauma (Not in the ways that I did but still) Seeing him deal with it is GREAT and he’s just amazing

Hunter and Amity. W have many similarities

Fav characters:
Eda and Luz
Comfort Characters:
Luz and Collector

Forever hunter, and comfort character hunter