Guys guys I saw a snake outside and I wanna keep it as a pet

So I just got out from my mom’s care and I was walking to school and I stepped on a twig and I saw a snake crawl into a bush ig it got scared I thought it was a squirrel at first and then I saw the tail I figured it was either a really big lizard or a lizard with a long tail or a snake.

I was gonna name it string bean… I prefer not to keep it as a pet but if it wants to be my pet and it’s nice then yay

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dont do it. Could bite you and then you die which is not good

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No no it’s fine it’s not poisonous I think it’s a baby grass snake it was very skinny idk I only saw the tail. I heard a slitther

good but rather be safe then sorry

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Oh ok… :snake::snake::snake:

IMa be honest, i’d keep it

Its a plus the ol hag’s terrified of sneks soooo…hehe :snake: :snake: :snake: :smiling_imp:

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Ooooh ok…
Hehehhehehhehehehe I’ma put it in someone’s ear and make it say ssssssss

Screenshot 2023-03-31 12.19.05 PM

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Omg I love that wolf XD

From a wolf rp game

She made that face durring a cave tutorial when she realized she didn show me how to put wulves into den

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Kool look warrior cats

I haven’t read that book yet I just saw this on YouTube


Screenshot 2023-04-03 8.20.39 AM

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What test is that . Ah

What a coincidence go speak da language of sneks.

No test

Jsut personality Snake

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he gives diff personality to wulf

Didnt just fail again to get rogue wolf to join my pack TwT

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Arf. I love this nostalgia. I wasn’t around this age I just love these toys for some reason

Screenshot 2023-04-03 9.54.50 AM

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befriended a rogue wulfff

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