Guys what hunter last name

What is hunter last name on last Episodes is

wittbane becase he is clone for caleb

noceda becase luz was the one he save and show him the light and for camila take care of hunter and be mother for him

park becase willow

clawthorn becase he is clone for caleb and caleb was marred evaln

What if hunter is clone for caleb and caleb was marred evaln is that mean is caleb was the grandfather of eda and lilth


I believe it going to be between noceda and blight camila pretty much adopted him so did Darius and Darius might marry alador blight so that what I think but I team noceda

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yes i think so too

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I say until Darius marries Alador, its Deamone (IDK how to spell)

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Deamonne, 100%




Hunter Deamonne Wittebane Clawthorne Noceda Park Blight

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O wao, left me thinking

You forgot parks as well