Hola buenas Uwu

Hola gente alguien para hablar y ser amiguis :^


@Viruspro Hi! I’m sorry, but I’m really busy with college finals… plus, I know Spanish pretty well, but I’m too lazy to really talk in it all the time. I prefer speaking English.
Also, I have a feeling you’re a minor. I’m 21… lol! I’m way too old to have kiddos as my friends tbh.
Sorry again!


Tranquilo viejo aunque si sabes bien inglés me podrías enseñar xd

como crees que acabe toh?

LOL!!! I’m not an old man! I’m a lady! Sure, I’d love to help you learn English si quieres. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if you’re asking me, but I personally believe that the human realm and the demon realm will merge together, thus letting Luz be able to enjoy both worlds. :smiley:

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For some reason, I think that in a world of people, war will be declared on the world of demons, even if they come from the world of demons in peace, they do not know the language of people, judging by the fact that Amiti studied Spanish. But this raises another question, how does Luz know the language of demons, or how did they understand it?

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Nose pero suponiendo como vayan las cosas tenga un final 50/50 xd

Lo siento xd pero bueno si puedes :u

X2, pero eso no me detiene para ver TOH. ( •̀ ω •́ )✧


Hiya um… yeah we could be friends if you want

Jalo, yo tampoco tengo muchos amigues Xd

aqui toy puedo ser to amugo

Aquí un poco tarde pero mejor tarde q nunca